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Communication - Culture - Leadership

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In today's competitive global environment, one cannot neglect the importance of diversity anymore. The advantage of successful organizations lies in embracing cross-cultural management as management philosophy and should invest in human resources, the most valuable asset of the organization.

Due to globalization, cross-cultural issues are now the most central and persistent factors that influence international business activity. Companies who are operating internationally are facing such cross-cultural challenges as understanding the differences in communication patterns and styles, preferences for leadership approach and style, different principles and notations of hierarchy and organizational structures, and different systems of decision-making. Our main target is to develop internationally operating companies to generate competitive advantage over domestically operating firms by understanding the cultural differences deeply and turning them into synergy effects in international management and marketing.

Multiplus International is an international company based in the Netherlands with international managers, staff, trainers and advisors. We are a training and consultancy organization specialized in Cross-Cultural Management, Diversity Management and Human Resources Development (HRD). We offer our services all over the world and have departments in Great Britain, Canada, Turkey, Poland, India and Thailand. We work with a wide array of professionals, all with excellent academic background.

Multiplus International is certified to provide cross-cultural management training based on the model of Mr. Lewis who is widely considered as one of world most outstanding cross-cultural linguist. By attending the training of Multiplus your employees will be equipped with the best communication and management assets to compete effectively in this global economy.

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